What is Quantum MX?

Is a vibrational instrument that, when played, generates harmonic sounds in 432 Hz frequency that tune the human being with the frequency of the earth, of the universe and with the beat of your heart. It harmonizes the human body from the densest levels to the most subtle energies.

In quantum physics a Quantum is the smallest discrete quantity of energy that can be absorbed, propagated, or emitted by matter. Like the subtle energy of the human being called soul or consciousness.


Quantum Mx is more than a musical instrument it is a beautiful creation that combines material and energetic elements with the intention of serving as a tool for the expansion of consciousness and love in every human being.

It Includes:




Who we are?

Quantum MX creates vibrational instruments designed to harmonize your body from the deepest levels of your soul. Quantum generates a frequency (432 Hz) that we truly believe connects a person with their inner self, a “Divine Frequency”.

Quantum physics, a science practiced around the world, describes a “Quantum” like the minimal and discreet unit, such as matter or energy which can be transmitted and absorbed from one matter to another. This quantum represents the composition of everything in the universe, such as soul and spirit.

Our mission focuses on harmonizing and enhancing the human chakra (heart) through the combination of vibration and frequency that Quantum produces. Tested by mathematicians and under mathematical models we ensure that Quantum generates 432 Hz; a frequency we believe will connect people to a Divine Frequency.


How to use it?

The best way to enjoy Quantum is in a quiet environment, and around nature (beaches, country, parks, forest, jungle). The vibrations work into the brain hemispheres helping people have an amplified perception of their surroundings. Quantum, also called the “drum of nature” creates an amplified perception of the sounds and the energy around.

Quantum has two drumsticks that you can use at the same time. The drum works along with controlled breathing and flow of the player. While holding the drumsticks, move your hands toward your heart and let your heart go playing by around eighty percent (90%) along with your mind (10%).

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